Developing a Smart Spending Plan

The objective here is to provide some helpful observations on a few important business and personal planning topics: How to develop and maintain a smart spending plan, why is saving so important, and how to implement a savings plan that really works.

The sad reality is that many couples just never figure out the money side of their life. They spend their days and energy working and stressing…

Developing a Long-term Savings Plan

So many opportunities and dreams are lost and just never happened because there is no means, no capital, no way to finance the change or take a risk. The notion that it gets easier to save, invest, and make things happen as you grow older is crazy. As a young couple responsible only for yourselves, you’re at the best stage of your life to learn how to build capital. Develop each of your skills…

Passion: A Key Component of a Successful Personal & Family Savings Plan

Dave and Linda’s fourth spanning category is called “passions.” This is the money they need each month to pursue the things they are passionate about doing. This are “do” passions, not “thing” passions. You might ask “Are these really important enough to justify their own category?” The answer is an emphatic yes. In fact, in many ways this category is the most important. It…

Which College Savings Plan is the Best?

There’s a smorgasbord of options but not one right answer. All the options have their pluses and their minuses. But before looking at the most popular options, let’s talk a little bit about taxes.

Many mistakenly assume that big taxes will always be saved by funding a college savings program for their kids. It’s on overstatement. Usually, there are three tax issues.

The first tax…

Including College Expenses in Your Small Business Plan

The objective here is to provide some helpful observations on an important planning topic. What about future college expenses? Should we save for these? If so, when should we start? What is the best way? Are there tax benefits?

People feel differently about this challenge. Some parents tackle it from the get-go, regularly socking away and investing modest sums that over time, ultimately grow…

Market Analysis Provides Key Components of Business Plan

Before getting too far down the road with your business planning process, you will need to complete a thorough market analysis based on the research you did in deciding to launch your business.

Your market analysis not only provides an overview of your industry, but also the conclusions you were able to draw from your market research findings. While there is no absolute method for including a…

A Primer on Corporations

The bulk of America’s business is conducted through corporations. Some estimate the number is as high 84% of all business. There are numerous public corporations – those corporations whose stock is traded daily by thousands of shareholders. But most corporations are closely held, and closely held corporations are the primary focus of this article.

They are owned by a few individuals, often…

Why Are Securities Laws Such a Big Deal?

When it comes time to line up capital for a new corporate enterprise, often the key questions are: How much do we need? From whom can we get it?

Many business owners mistakenly assume that these two basic questions sum up the capital challenges for a startup or thriving privately owned business. But there’s a third, and in many respects, a more fundamental question – how do we do it…

Common Misconceptions About Start-ups and Capital Raising

There are many misconceptions about fundraising that can get in the way of the business itself. The challenge is to spot and eradicate these misconceptions before they become a problem. It’s an ongoing educational effort for most business owners. Following is a brief summary of the most common misconceptions that sometimes cause problems:

Misconception #1 – Only Big Guy Rules.  Som…

Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Writing Your Business Plan

There are a lot of steps to take when launching a new business or embarking on a new product venture, but writing your business plan is probably one of the most important.

However, there are many common missteps that can occur when putting together a business plan. Number one on the list is the biggest error you can make:  thinking you don’t need a formal business plan at all. This is often…

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